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We LOVE being part of industry FIRSTS! Let us help you get another First across the line to revenue

Some of the Firsts we have enjoyed being part of:

2013 DirectTV Sunday ticket Mobile Subscriber Automated Highlight creation and delivery system
2010, 2011, 2012 In Venue video, Presidents cup, Ryder Cup
2012 in Venue hand held video at FBS Bowl, University of Michigan, Orange Bowl, University of Miami
2009 – 2012 In Venue  activation Amex and MasterCard at PGA and USGA
2009 to 2014 on Venue Hand Held video deployment on PGA Tour
2009 to 2014 in Venue Hand Held video at all NASCAR races
2010, 2011, 2012 In Venue hand held video, USGA US Open
2009 First In Venue hand held video delivery in 13 NFL stadiums
2005 First Large scale (200K users) VoIP Switch deployment FTH
2002 First VoIP Centrex deployment with Lucent and Bell Atlantic
1999 First Cisco AVVID video and voice partner
1997 first IP based Protective Relay SCADA system for Electric utilities
1993 Member of MBONE trial first Video over IP multicast backbone
1992 Co-Chair IETF TCPIP Compression BOF
1988 First DS2 Wide Area Network Bridge
1985 First DDS format Subrate Data Mulitplexer
1983 Creation of First Computer Aided Software Engineering Platform
1975 First Processor Based High Speed (1000 LPM) Line Printer
1977 First portable hand held telecommunications terminal for the Deaf
1975 First microcomputer based Automated Gas Chromatograph Lab

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